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Shangri La Fijian Resort & Spa

Kenya & Tanzania with Tauck

Stars Travel International, Auckland
  • Over many years College Rifles Teams & members have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Stars Travel Newmarket. The Management & staff are very professional, friendly & always there to help with any inquiries. Our teams have travelled with Stars to Europe,North America, Argentina, Australia, Asia & the Pacific Islands, each tour being very successful with no problems. If you're going to travel , go with the "STARS"

    Derek Rope General Manager College Rifles Sports Club

  • I cannot recommend Stars Travel highly enough and believe that the 10 years we have been working together on holiday arrangements is testament to this. Sarah is always professional, cheerful and listens to our family requirement which are meet each year.

    Mike & Melissa Stanwell Smith & Boyle

  • Our company Overland Footwear has worked with Fleur Gosling and Stars Travel International for over 30 years and it has always been a pleasure to do so.

    Fleur manages our complex international travel for large teams with the requirements of multi- itinerary travel over several weeks. She is always calm and unflappable as we chop and change our plans (often last minute) based on the requirements of the trip, She always seeks to find us the best fare, leveraging her connections to hold flights and achieve upgrades where possible

    She has supported our family trips as well and takes just as much care around the small details as she does for the company travel.

    Louise Anselmi
    Company Director and Head of Design

    Louise Overland Footwear (Company Director and Head of Design)