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Bev Head

Accounts Administrator

I joined Stars Travel nearly 2 years ago and what a ride it's been!

Working with two very professional travel specialists has made the ride very exciting indeed.

I've been in offices for most of my working life having started as an Office Junior as my first position moving on to Assistant Accountant for many of the later years.

As Stars Accounts Administrator I've been given a window into the fascinating world of travel watching Sarah and Fleur indulging in their combined passion for travel, mapping out the most exciting and exotic travel plans for their very loyal clientele.

Travel has always been a great love of mine, so to be working in the industry is lots of fun.


  • Spending 3 weeks with a bus load of Americas and Canadians traveling around Britain and the United Kingdom
  • Weeks driving thru France then Italy, staying in quaint villas and drinking French and Italian wines
  • Many many wonderful holidays with family and friends in Fiji
  • A Mediterranean Cruise followed by a Caribbean cruise
  • Spending a week in Oslo, Norway then two weeks in Spain